maandag 9 november 2009

hardcore soccer chick kicks ass

Check out this babe. What a rough ride!
Forget about the rules and lets play some football. These girls show you how real men play :)

girlfight, kick in the back, pulling hair, punch in the face, kick ball in face.

zondag 17 februari 2008

Frank Lampard scores Goal 100 for Chelsea

After having scored for the 99th time for Chelsea, Frank Lampard got injured, but now Goal number 100 is down the pipe. His first goal was in the UEFA Cup, and thisone -probaby not the last one- in the Champions League shows a proud Lampard.

zaterdag 16 februari 2008

Website on Xavi Hernandez

On this website by capsula you can find more info on different spanish sport stars. One of them is Xavi hernandez, look trough to site for pictures and comments on him. If you wanna know more about famous spanish sportstars in general, this website is a good start.

Ronaldo on steroids

Ronaldo on anabole steroids. According to Bernardino Santi, who is working for the anti doping comission, Ronaldo got some steroids injected in 1994 to improve the quality of his legs. The recent incident with his knee, and earlier faillures of his legs would be a consequence of the injection at his young age.
For Ronaldo it was the 6th time to go under the knive. Santi says ronaldo's legs are getting weak because of the steroid injections at early age. PSV, the team Ronaldo was playing for at that time denies Santi's story

vrijdag 15 februari 2008

Broken rib and revalidation for Welsey Sneijder

When Welsey Sneijder breaks a rib against Rome in the 16th final of the Champions League, it seems the luck is not on Madrid's side. With Robinho, Saviola, Heinze and Pepe recovering, the timing could be better.
He will be out for the coming month.

Marco Tardelli now assitant manager Ireland

FAI, the Football Association of Ireland has found some new force in Marco Tardellia who will be assistenting ex-benfica boss Giovanni Trapattoni who is now managing Ireland.
Tardelli and Trapattoni know each other from the time Marco played at Juventus, coached by Giovanni.

donderdag 14 februari 2008

Messi remains one of Barca's 11

For the ones who like Lionel Messi, one of barca's top players, below a video with some of his good moments. People say he reminds of Diego Maradonna, this rumor started in april 2007 when he passed 5 opponents and the keeper to finish with a perfect goal against Getafe CF.

Some stats on Messi at FC Barcelona (from wikipedia)